The Artists' Village

In the oyster-farming port of Château d'Oléron, a 5-minute walk from our hotel, you will also find an artists' village which has set up home in former oyster-farming huts.
An absolute must-visit to discover the many talents our island has to offer.
Below we introduce you to those who we have worked with to enhance our interior...


Within our gourmet restaurant, discover the dolls of Marleen. They adorn tables and tell each their story...

Marleen Ricard - +33 (0)6 22 63 33 75

Atelier Doji

You will be bowled over by the artist's unique, original creations featuring leather in all its glory.
We would like to thank Jennifer for creating our menus which are a joy for our senses and those of our guests each day.
Like you, each creation is unique, so there's no point in trying to have the same belt as your best friend...
Jennifer's creations are every bit as good as haute couture. She reinterprets fashion accessories (handbags, card holders, purses, hair clips, lamps, cushions...) with such skill that you  just have to have one of her creations. And what's more, her work is exquisitely finished!

Jennifer Desnoyers - +33 (0)6 66 59 41 63

En attendant Alixe !

"Matter reincarnated", the transparency and finesse of glass...
... A big thank you to Jean Michel for having made our bathroom mirrors and wall lamps that bring light to our guests at sunrise and sunset.
Beyond reality, the multiple facets of glass and its different shades of colour take shape in the expert hands of the master, to bring light to your interior and an attractive touch to an outfit. I am always amazed to discover his endless wealth of inspiration.
Ladies, accessories by Jean Michel will illuminate your beauty...

Jean Michel Petit - +33 (0)5 46 75 67 38

Pierrette Dijonneau

Her studio is not on the port of Le Château d'Oléron, but her paintings decorate the walls of Les Jardins d'Aliénor for several years already...

Settled to Etaules, Pierrette works floated wood which the sea puts down deposits on beaches, " as sketches of failed sculptures ".

Pierrette Dijonneau - +33 (0)5 46 76 62 71