Accommodation Ile d'Oleron

​Great accommodation in a great location in le Château d’Oléron

Château d'Oléron is a historic town on the ile d'Oleron, famous for its citadel built by Vauban and its oyster harbor. That’s where is hidden this selected accommodation, Les Jardins Alienor. This exclusive Inn and gourmet restaurant nestled in the heart of the citadel is an intimate place, renowned for the quality of its service and the carefull attention to its visitors. The hotel is easily accessible from the Oléron bridge that connects the island to the mainland, located a few kilometers away, within the town of Château d'Oléron. Close to major tourist attractions of the island, Les Jardins Alienor is the ideal accommodation for visitors to the island of Oleron.

​Jardins d’Aliénor Inn Restaurant-Island of Oléron

With 8 luxury rooms, Jardins d’Aliénor in the Ile d'Oleron  is one of the most charming and picturesque accommodation on the island of Oleron. Each room is designed in a clean and unique style, from traditional to contemporary. Each room features modern equipment with flat screens and wifi. Jardins d’Aliénor  Inn Restaurant enjoys a great reputation on the island with its refined cuisine prepared with fresh, local ingredients (oysters, sea spiders ...).

​Island of Oléron, lanscape of discovery and wellness

If the flowered terrace accommodation Les Jardins Alienor on the ile d'Oleron is a relaxing place very popular relaxing place, many sites on the island are not far behind. Saint-Trojan and Saint-Denis have beautiful beaches where you can spend your days. Cruises are also available so that you can boat around the fort Boyard, one of the most famous sites of the island. Visit the Château d'Oléron and oyster harbor where many artists exhibit their creations.