Membership card

Take advantage of a host of benefits with our special membership card...

Collect points and redeem them for one of our gifts

Throughout the year, you will earn points each time you dine at our gastronomic restaurant.

- Every lunchtime: 1€ spent = 1 point
- Every evening (except on Sundays): 1€ spent = 1/2 point
-* On Sunday evenings: 1€ spent = 2 points

Your points are converted into gifts:

Our gift selection:

500 points: two aperitifs
1000 points:
a bottle of Veuve Cliquot champagne
1500 points:
a gift voucher worth 100€
2000 points:
two Tasting menus
3000 points:
one night's accommodation with breakfast

How do I get or renew my membership card?

An annual membership fee of 20 euros is payable to receive the membership card. If you renew your membership card before the expiry date, you will keep your points.
Download, print and fill in the form below (one form must be completed per person).

Return the form to us and enclose a cheque for 20 euros (or 40 euros for two cards....) to the following address:
Les Jardins d'Aliénor
7-11, rue Maréchal Foch
Once we receive your completed form and cheque, your membership card will be sent to you.